4 types of Eye Shapes and How to Apply Makeup to Them.

Updated: Feb 28


As a makeup artist, it is important to understand that your client's eyes can determine their overall makeup look. Our eyes can say a lot about us and can define our appearance. Applying makeup to the eye is an art within and of itself, to get the best results it requires some degree of attention to detail. Yes, you want to sometimes apply makeup that complements the eye color, but another detail to master identifying is the shape of the eyes. Here are some very common eye shapes and some tips on how to apply makeup to get the best makeup looks.


Hooded Eyes

Wide Set Eyes

Prominent Eyes

Asian / Monolid Eyes

Hooded Eyes

Hooded Eyes- The main feature of the eye shape is that it presents a deep-set crease and a prominent brow bone. The eyelids are not often visible when the eyes are open. They retract into the deep-set crease.


How to apply eye shadow and highlights to hooded eyes.

Add your 3 main color shades like this;

A- (lightest) shade on the inside third of the eye. B- (Medium Shade) on the center third of the eye. C- (Darkest shade) above medium shade out to outer third.

Celebrities with hooded eyes;

Ariana Grande

Selena Gomez

Blake Lively

Jennifer Lawrence

Wide Set Eyes

Wide Set Eyes- As it says in the name wide-set eyes have a greater distance between the eyes than the other eye shapes. The human face is considered to have the perfect proportions when you are able to fit three eyes across the width of your face or one whole eye between your two eyes. People with wide-set eyes are said to appear calm and kind.

How to apply eye shadow and highlights to wide-set eyes.

Wide Set Eyes- A- (lightest shade) on the center third. B- (Medium Shade) on the inside third. C- (Darkest shade) on the outer third. D- Eyeliner.

Celebrities with wide-set eyes;

Britney Spears

Kate Moss

Gemma Ward

Amanda Seyfried

Uma Thurman

Prominent Eyes

Prominent Eyes- Also called protruding eyes to sit outside of the eye socket area. They usually in lower lid crease under the eyes but not the tear trough.


How to apply eye shadow and highlights to prominent eyes;

Add your 3 main color shades like this;

B- (Medium Shade) directly on the ball of the eyes. A- (lightest shade) on the inside corner above the medium shade. C- (Darkest shade) on the outer corner above the medium shade (B).

Celebrities with prominent eyes;

Penelope Cruz

Mila Kunis

Nicole Richie

Asian Eyes

Asian eyes also called monolid eye shape is often seen in people of Asian descent. This type of eye has a natural double lid look, where the crease is situated inside the socket of the eye. Below is a diagram showing a basic eye makeup application.


How to apply eye shadow and highlights to Asian eyes;

A- (Medium Shade) directly on the ball of the eyes. B- (lightest shade) on the inside corner above the medium shade. C- (Darkest shade) on the outer corner.

Celebrities with prominent eyes;

Brenda Song

Lucy Liu

Margeret Cho

Nicole Narain

Pro tips- Eye Makeup blending techniques

  1. After you have applied the eye shadow shades, blend Eye makeup. Apply all your eyeshadow colors if you are going to wear accent colors, mid-tone, highlighter. the highlighter color should be the lightest color to achieve the best effect.

  2. Ensure that your eyeshadow is blended before adding eyeliner and mascara. Otherwise, it will leave you with a huge mess to deal with.

  3. Always use your accent color brush to blend your eye makeup, this prevents the darker colors from messing up your other lighter eyeshadow colors.

  4. Invest in a tapered blending brush to apply and blend eye makeup. From my experience using this particular brush gives you better results than using the normal small eyeshadow brushes. If you love makeup, I will advise you to invest in high-end makeup tools and products for better application and durability. Check out my earlier blog The Beginners Guide for Makeup Brushes and their Uses Here I detailed the different types of makeup brushes and their basic uses.

  5. Always lightly brush across the eyelid and under the brows to effectively blend makeup and remove excess.

Ok lovies, thanks for being here with me again, as a makeup or makeup enthusiast knowing the types of eye shapes is a plus and can help you greatly with defining the overall feel of your makeup. Please join me again soon for more tips tricks and tutorials. Until next time stay fabulous!

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