How To Pick The Right Foundation for Combination Skin Type

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Striking the right balance is the name of the game when it comes to combination skin and foundation. There are many foundations out there but choosing the right one can be an uphill task. If you are looking for the best foundation for your skin type - I can help with that. Stay awhile, keep scrolling for some of my tried and tested foundation favorites, some I've used on myself and my beautiful clients. This list of foundations is intended for working with combination skin.

We previously discussed the qualities of all the basic skin types, but if you have combination skin then you might run into some difficulties while making your choice. You or your makeup artist may have to mix and match a little. In one of my posts, I described the four main basic skin types, combination skin was a little peculiar. For people with combination skin, some parts of their face are oily and others part dry. In this post, I will share some makeup tips for combination skin and how to choose the foundation that's right for you.


Foundation problems for people with combination skin:

  1. The main issue here is that some areas are oily and some are dry, therefore a foundation and base makeup might deal differently with these 2 different areas.

  2. Usually, the oily parts are around the t-zone (forehead, nose, chin) the cheeks are drier. the biggest concern is managing the oil production of your t-zone without irritating or drying out your cheeks.

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How to pick the right foundation for combination skin:

  1. Make sure to go for a foundation that is oil-free. In other cases the water-based foundation is good.

  2. The key is to find something that is not too dry nor too oily. As I said earlier, striking that balance is essential. Try your best to avoid foundations that are too matte.

  3. Get one that is long-lasting, these will minimize oil production. Here I have a good foundation below I enjoy using on my clients with combination skin;

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation for Combination Skin, Matte finish;

Best powder foundation for combination skin:

As well as powder foundations, adding light-reflecting finishes is good, give a radiant glow. it blends well because it uses crushed pearls and titanium dioxide and mica that reflects light from the dark spots on your face. This one is a great powder foundation. It looks natural and is medium coverage. I included it for those with oily skin but it is also for people of all skin types, including combination skin. The powder foundations usually help with oil control.

Jane Iredale Pure Pressed base Mineral Foundation;

Another good one is;

Loreal Paris Infallible Pro- Matte-Foundation.

It has a weightless creamy formula that's great for all skin types, especially can be used for combination skin.

People with combination skin can also choose if they want it to be more matte or dewy. I suggest using a velvet matte or semi-matte foundation, that should quell the oiliness of the T-Zone.

I reviewed Urban Decay which I loved for my clients with combination skin. This is a must-have, great and long-lasting, covers, and matches perfectly when applied correctly.

Urban Decay Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation.

How to apply foundation for combination skin:

  • A good makeup prep is always important I can't stress this enough guys, be consistent with your skincare routine, cleanse and moisturize at least twice a day. This will help you to create more balance across your skin. this allows for less makeup and less work.

  • Remember to exfoliate once or twice a week to get rid of any dry spots and dead skin, be careful not to over-exfoliate (important)

  • Remember to moisturize, it is essential, Go for a lighter moisturizer if you think your face may look oily.

  • You can add an oil-free or mattifying primer on the oily parts(t-zone). Use a gentle toner or micellar water on a cotton pad to clean the skin of excess oil and buildup.

  • A hydrating primer works best on dry areas.

Ladies, there is no need to despair, choosing a suitable foundation for your skin doesn't have to be a hassle, just follow these tips and tricks and you will be fine.

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